The 5 types of people in my bus

1. The first and most common are those who fall under the “Sleeper class” category. These people enter their slumber land, the moment they get a seat and you wouldn’t deny if I say that they find utmost comfort ONLY when sleeping on YOUR shoulders!! I could forgive even this..but what about waking them when their stop comes? That is one Herculean task I tell you. It is quite envious to see a person sleeping so peacefully amidst the blaring horns, the barking drivers and these incessant + loud phone lovers.

2. These are the people who are suffering from a deadly disease called the “phone-o-mania”. One would always find these people having a phone stuck to their ear. I really wonder who pays their bills! But these people are easily better than the ones which have a Bluetooth headset clinging to their ears, a bunch of hair hiding this tiniest of equipments and fooling the silly ones like me sitting next to them. Happy to get a company for the 1 hour travel, people like me get carried away so easily and would probably be sitting and answering them for the never-intended questions. We most often stop only if we get a glare or two from the maniacs.
AND, stop sympathizing at us, even WE have friends. Just that they don’t feel like calling us when we are traveling by bus, for reasons unknown. Oh No please don’t mistake this for a self-consolation.

3. The “book-worms”. This is the most intelligent category or so they pose. These usually sport the geeky looks and would generally be avoided or feared by the usual, ordinary, so-so people. The curious-me always wants to ask them, “How do you read with SO much of concentration when the bus moves a little while it shakes!?! :O”
P.S. If you haven’t smiled a little for the last sentence, please read it again. If you still haven’t smiled, well that’s not my problem any more.

4. These people would always be lost in their own world. I could conveniently call them the “day-dreamers”.  This is the set which would either be looking out of the window smiling to themselves or would be blindly staring at something or even someone, usually with a long face. I don’t have much to tell about this category because they are the most un-interesting people of the bus. When I stare at them for too long, I usually end up feeling sorry for them for no reason at all.

5. “Silent-observers”. These are people who sit back and enjoy the whole journey looking at everyone around and thinking if this could make up the next post for their miserably-abandoned blog.


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