What to name it?

This post came out of a lot of revelation and shock that I got from something that is equal to oxygen for millions & millions of people– Facebook.  Some funny status updates, some stupid ones, some irritating ones, some realllllyyy silly ones..and a lot more of Oh-My-God stuff made me sit down and write this one after a long long gap!
Most of us have actually forgotten the fact that this social networking was started mainly for networking with friends, relatives, colleagues.  Now, it has become an online portal where you have a lot of space for bragging. Sometimes most of this talking is done to yourself with a minimum of 2 likes from some really sweet hearts that are either dead bored or ‘liking’ this as part of reciprocation.

Don’t you want to read some facepalm status updates that I have come across? The best 7 of the recent past:
  1. Thatha get well soon –Eh? Dear thatha is also on Facebook?  Wouldn’t it have reached the old one even better if you had made a call to him? Out of balance, probably.
  2. No one likes me! – Oh Shit. Sad story right? She had to vent it out on Facebook, you know?
  3.  My brand new cousin. 5 minutes old (With photo)!! – Did the mom have a chance to see the baby’s face first or did she have to directly ‘like’ it on Facebook?
  4. At Andaman for honeymoon – Thank god. The person didn’t get into more details. Not sure what the status was after they returned from ‘THE’ trip
  5. Not cleaned my bike – I am just hoping that he wouldn’t list down the other things that he hasn’t cleaned yet.
  6. At 23, dad got married to his girlfriend :P – Uh? Not sure what is there to ‘:P’ about this. Dad is also on Facebook, I get it. But why not tell him in person? Would have had better ‘effects’ I say. *winks* 
  7. My code has gone for testing. Fingers crossed – You know we HAD to know about this.  Phew. I wish I could say, Please go get a life.
  8.  Happy honeymooning:-):-)♥♥  with XXX at Some random beach in a random place - Ewwwwwwww :/. This one happened to catch my attention a week after I published this post. But that doesn't stop me from adding it,right? But..really..This one is any day my personal favorite.
    Wow! How do people get ideas to come up with stuff like this.
Oh! How can I forget these self-clicked profile pictures? MOST of them are epic fails and is the hardest attempt to get a number of likes, comments to publicize the self. Even worse are the clicks uploaded directly after the couple has got down from their tour. Oh god..where do you actually get the time for all of these?
 Not married yet and I get time for Facebook only once a week :O . With family and stuff coming into picture I really dread it.

Some bizarre facts that you ought to know:
  1. Lamebook.com is a regularly updated site that reports “lame” and funny Facebook user post 
  2. 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook
  3. It is the second biggest website by traffic behind Google (at the moment).
  4. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
  5. Syria, China, Vietnam, and Iran have blocked Facebook. . It started as a precaution against a campaign which is said to promote false teachings about religion & war.]
  6. Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) is becoming very common. Soon there would be re rehabilitation centers for this. Mind you, This is my view. (Hey that rhymed!!)
Sometimes these kinds of ‘advertisements’ test my tolerance. But you know it has a positive side also, I get to give a life to my dead blog :)



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