A love that knows no bounds..

‘She’, the world’s best mom is turning 45 today. This..is a small gift to her, an ode to the eternal love, a tribute to the tenderness, a salute to the strength, a thanks-giving to the patience and lots more that mere words can’t even attempt to explain.

Her magical touch that sets everything right, her mellow words that soothes every heart, her effortless encouragement whenever I feel lost and not to forget..those incessant advices that she keeps giving me now and then..I’ve always awed at all of this! If only there was a way to repay all that she has done to me!!

I sometimes feel that there can never be a better teacher than her..When I was 2, I fell every time I stood and she taught me how to walk. When I was 5, I cried for silly things and she taught me happiness. When I was 8, I lied to her and bunked school and she taught me honesty. When I was 14 I screamed at her for no fault of hers and she taught me patience. When I was 18, I spent all her money for my happiness and she taught me frugality. Now when I am 22, she teaches me life! And I know that, this is neither the end for her teaching nor the end for my learning.  

And yes we aren’t always sweet to each other. We fight like kids, we argue for stupid things, we yell at each other..yet we know, no one can love us any better.
She is the first person I came to know in this big world and ever since, I’ve cherished her and always will!!

A tickle to the kid in her, a big hi5 to the friend in her and a sweet kiss to the mother in her.
Happy b’day my dear mom..hope u have a long, healthy and happy life.
 Love u ma!


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