Gone are those days

There IS a reason behind the long break between the last post and this one. And frankly speaking it’s because I didn’t know what to write about. Now, while just sitting before my comp and reading some really interesting blogs, I got this sudden spree to write about ‘something’. Something that is a real come-back..but would it really be one? Well, who cares!
After pondering for more than 10 whole minutes, I decided to write about what has been happening in my life (Ah no! it IS NOT an auto biography. I would never do that!!)
And what has been happening in my life? -- Change! Like everyone says, it is change..the only constant in life.
I am hardly 22 and there have been so many changes. Changes that I couldn’t digest, changes that I badly needed and some changes that changed nothing at all.
I really wonder how it has all easily and rapidly changed from play school to school..from school to college and now, from college to the so-called professional life!Changing four different schools, moving from school to college, making new friends each time, adjusting to new environments, new teachers, new rules.. None of this affected me. Everything seemed so simple and easy.
But now! This ever-serious work place, this small team of ten people with a huge set of most contradicting ideas, THE manager (Well..I don’t feel like giving any adjectives there!!) , those special rules that are never said but should be followed and.. the most difficult maturity that I am still trying to gain. All of it is so difficult and makes me say “Gone are those beautiful days and Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up!”         


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