B for Brisbane

It has just been a week in this third largest city of Australia and I already want to write a lot about it. B for Bangalore it was a week back, but now it is B for Brisbane and I am beginning to like it.

The idea of writing a page long post, suddenly seemed too mainstream to me. Hence this attempt at something that could be called a poem !

Everything seems so new…
You wake up to so much dew,
And it suddenly becomes bright in just a few.
The sky greets you with a beautiful blue,
It could be a special day for all you know.
Strangers smile at you,
Why they do, you really have no clue.
Wherever you go, follow the queue
Perhaps that is not the way you grew
But what to do
If not, they might even sue!
There could be problems one or two
But you know you would just get through
Ain't this too good to be true?
Oh, I know, I love it too!


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