A for Addictions

It was a Saturday morning and there I was with unkempt hair, sleepy eyes, messed up look.. holding few papers and trying to control the 45th yawn of the last 20 seconds! I was standing in one of those irritatingly long queues in a bank and just about to lose the little patience that I had. There were a couple of guys who had lost it already and were starting to create a ruckus.I was actually pleased with myself for controlling my temper for so long, until I saw that one guy in the line who was oblivious to what was happening around. He seemed so happy and lost in his own world of red,pink,yellow and blue candies on the phone. A random guy barged into the queue and stood just in front our candy crusher, yet there were no tantrums, lifting of head, or even raising an eyebrow happening!
It showed how addicted he was to that game and that’s when I kicked myself for not having played it even once. Maybe I would have got addicted too and escaped this entire trauma. So, when I was thinking about how to while away the next half an hour, I decided to revive this dead blog of mine and hence this post (Eureka!!)
To come to think of it, like candy crush, angry birds, there are so many ever things we are addicted to.
Here are some common ones –

1. Facebook – Isn’t this the most common addiction amongst all of us? I would be surprised to know if there is anyone who doesn’t log onto Facebook at least once a day. Waiting for a bus/train? Standing in a long queue? On a long trip? Going to a best friend’s wedding?  At office and bored of work? Simply sitting at home? 
I bet, you were scrolling up and down the wall to know what’s happening in your friends’ lives or busy posting selfies, groupies and showing the world that you are truly( No sarcasm there!) happy.

(I don’t have an account on Instagram but people tell me it might become or is already the next Facebook, so it could be on this list too!!)

2. Coffee – I love filter coffee taste and that’s the first thing I have every morning. But I am definitely not addicted to it like some people. My mom, for instance, has SO many specifications over a single cup of this brown coloured liquid.
The coffee powder HAS to be THAT brand only.I have seen my dad run from shop to shop to get it),
The decoction(which I hope is of the correct consistency) should be freshly prepared. I told her I use the same decoction for 2 days and she almost puked -_-),
The coffee should neither be too dark nor too light. I doubt if she pours it down the sink or garbage when I make it, because I know it has ever been upto her standard.
And Oh, How can I forget the forget the sugar? It should mostly be bitter with a bit(just a bit) of sugar in it. You make a payasam out of it and you will be dead meat!
Well..your coffee is still not fully ok even if the above said rules are followed until it is served piping hot!

3. Smoking – Have you noticed people who smoke? They are so addicted to it that they forget that they are just one step away from the grave.

It is like when you can stop, you don’t want to and
When you want to, you can’t!

     4. Food – How addicted are you to food definitely is not proportionate to your weight (at least from what I have seen).
I know few people who eat only three times a day and are yet over weight and
I also know people who eat when they are happy, sad, stressed, anxious, bored and even when they are hungry. 
These people whom I really envy, somehow never put on those extra kilos. God alone knows where all the calories disappear.

5    5.  Movies/Serials – Back to back movies on holidays is acceptable. Have you seen guys who do that on working days? 
     They never have the time to wash their jeans, clean their room, call their friends or even eat..but they somehow have time to watch 3 movies on a single day where they have been in office from 9 00 am to 10 00 pm.

6    6.  Fitness – Fitness freaks people are!  But for me it is like..Well, Fitness freaks me out. There are so many studios that in the name of keeping you fit end up in earning a lot of money than you could ever imagine. Whether you go or not, you ought to have a Gym membership if you are over 25, working in IT and a little too obese.
My colleague runs so many marathons, so many kilometers that one day I think he will be on the other side of the globe still running towards oblivion.

7     7.  Books – They say reading is a good habit. It definitely is, until you become like this –